EP2000: Elevating BESS with Superior Capacity and Power – The Future of Large-Scale Energy Storage


This LSHE Industrial BESS contain energy storage battery packs, BMS, EMS, air cooling units, fire protection, pipelines, power distribution, auxiliary systems and other systems. Highly integrated modular, expandable, and rapidly deployable, dedicated for utility scale use.


Product Description

Introducing the LSHE Industrial BESS, a cutting-edge solution for utility-scale energy storage. This innovative system is highly integrated, modular, scalable and rapidly deployable, making it the perfect choice to meet large-scale energy storage needs.
The LSHE Industrial BESS features a complete cooling system and a complete fire protection system, including options such as aerosol or perfluorohexanone, to double ensure safe operation. This ensures the system operates smoothly and safely even under the most demanding conditions. Both AC and DC designs all integrated into one container for easy transportation and on-site installation.
The LSHE industrial BESS is designed for utility-scale use and includes peak shaving and valley filling functions, new energy access, EPS, grid-connected and off-grid functions, etc. The comprehensive system is capable of meeting a wide range of energy storage needs, making it ideal for utility companies and large industrial applications.
The LSHE Industrial BESS’s intelligent cluster-level management system helps reduce the bucket effect and increase discharge capacity, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Additionally, its modular design enables easy battery replacement and system expansion, providing flexibility and scalability to meet changing energy storage needs.
The LSHE industrial BESS is equipped with integrated systems such as energy storage battery packs, BMS, EMS, air-cooling units, fire protection, power distribution, and auxiliary systems. This comprehensive solution is designed to meet the diverse needs of utility-scale operations, providing a one-stop solution for energy storage needs.
The LSHE Industrial BESS provides a state-of-the-art solution for utility-scale energy storage with its highly integrated, scalable and rapidly deployable design. Its advanced features and versatile capabilities make it a valuable asset for utility companies and industrial applications seeking efficient and reliable energy storage solutions.
In summary, the LSHE Industrial BESS sets a new standard for utility-scale energy storage, providing a complete integrated solution that is easy to deploy, scale and manage. Its advanced design and comprehensive functionality make it ideal for meeting the complex energy storage requirements of utility-scale operations.
EP2000, an upgraded expansion of the EP1000, boasts increased battery capacity and power, reaching a maximum of 1000kW and 2150kWh. This enhancement significantly optimizes the application scenarios for BESS, offering more versatility and efficiency in energy storage solutions.

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