Industrial BESS

Industrial BESS


EP2000: Elevating BESS with Superior Capacity and Power – The Future of Large-Scale Energy Storage

This LSHE Industrial BESS contain energy storage battery packs, BMS, EMS, air cooling units, fire protection, pipelines, power distribution, auxiliary systems and other systems. Highly integrated modular, expandable, and rapidly deployable, dedicated for utility scale use.


The Next Generation in Utility-Scale BESS: Merges Enhanced Liquid Cooling and Massive Capacity with Intelligent Remote Management for Advanced, Integrated, and Versatile Peak Performance

This LSHE Industrial BESS is a BESS container (20 feet) with a capacity of 3350kWh on the DC side, it contains energy storage battery packs, BMS, EMS, liquid cooling units, fire protection, pipelines, power distribution, auxiliary systems and other systems. Highly integrated modular, expandable, and rapidly deployable, dedicated for utility scale use.