The Next Generation in Utility-Scale BESS: Merges Enhanced Liquid Cooling and Massive Capacity with Intelligent Remote Management for Advanced, Integrated, and Versatile Peak Performance


This LSHE Industrial BESS is a BESS container (20 feet) with a capacity of 3350kWh on the DC side, it contains energy storage battery packs, BMS, EMS, liquid cooling units, fire protection, pipelines, power distribution, auxiliary systems and other systems. Highly integrated modular, expandable, and rapidly deployable, dedicated for utility scale use.


Product Description

Introducing the LSHE Industrial BESS, an innovative energy storage solution designed for utility-scale use. The BESS container is 20 feet long and has a DC side capacity of up to 3350kWh, making it ideal for large-scale energy storage needs. It is equipped with energy storage battery packs, BMS, EMS, liquid cooling units, fire protection, piping, power distribution, auxiliary systems and other vital components, all integrated into a highly efficient system.
One of the key features of the LSHE Industrial BESS is its modular and scalable design, allowing for easy maintenance and future expansion as energy storage needs evolve. The system can also be deployed quickly, ensuring time-sensitive projects are completed efficiently. Additionally, it also supports LSHE Web and online intelligent operation and maintenance, enabling remote real-time monitoring and reducing the need for manual on-site inspections.”
In the design of LSHE industrial BESS, safety and reliability are of paramount importance. A complete cooling system combined with a full liquid cooling system ensures optimal temperature regulation and safe operation even in challenging environmental conditions. This comprehensive approach to thermal management improves safety and gives users peace of mind.
The versatility of the LSHE Industrial BESS is another outstanding feature. It can be used for peak shaving and valley filling, achieving efficient energy management and cost savings. It also supports new energy access, EPS, grid-connected, off-grid and power station projects, making it a highly adaptable solution for a variety of applications in the utility sector.
In summary, the LSHE Industrial BESS provides a comprehensive and advanced energy storage solution for utility-scale use. Its large capacity, integrated design, ease of maintenance and expansion, remote monitoring capabilities, advanced thermal management and versatility make it an excellent choice for energy storage needs. Whether used for peak shaving, renewable energy integration, grid support or other utility-scale applications, LSHE Industrial BESS is poised to provide reliable, efficient and smart energy storage solutions for the future.

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