RPI-LVA610S is a compact, all-in-one ESS integrating battery packs, BMS, PCS, controls, etc. With easy installation and a minimalist design, it complements a variety of home styles and solar systems. Customize our all-in-one system to power your facility-with or without solar and lower your energy bills from day one.


Product Description

Introducing our world-leading residential smart energy solution, the RPI-LVA610S. This compact all-in-one ESS (Energy Storage System) is designed to seamlessly integrate battery packs, BMS (Battery Management System), PCS (Power Control System), control devices, etc. With its easy installation and minimalist design, the RPI-LVA610S is the perfect addition to a variety of home styles and solar systems.
Our all-in-one systems can be easily customized to power your facility whether you have solar panels or not. By integrating our ESS into your home, you can lower your energy bills from day one. The RPI-LVA610S is designed to release energy from the battery to meet your night and early morning power needs, while photovoltaic power generation meets your daytime power needs. This ensures that your device continues to operate seamlessly even during a power outage. Additionally, our systems are designed to ensure power remains supplied even in adverse weather conditions.
With the RPI-LVA610S, you can rest assured that your home will stay powered no matter the situation. Whether you are looking to reduce your reliance on the grid, lower energy costs, or simply have reliable backup power, our all-in-one ESS is the perfect solution for your residential energy needs.
Additionally, the RPI-LVA610S is designed for ease of use and low maintenance. Our systems are designed for easy installation and offer intuitive controls so you can easily monitor and manage your energy usage.
In addition to its practical functionality, the RPI-LVA610S's sleek and compact design ensures it will fit seamlessly into your home without sacrificing valuable space or aesthetics. Our all-in-one ESS is perfect for homeowners who value functionality and style.
In summary, our RPI-LVA610S is a cutting-edge all-in-one residential smart energy solution that will revolutionize the way your home is powered. With its seamless integration, customizable options and reliable performance, our ESS is the ultimate choice for homeowners looking to control energy use, reduce costs and ensure uninterrupted power. Experience the future of residential energy solutions with the RPI-LVA610S.

There are more advantage for this product listed as following:

●All-in-one integrating battery packs, hybrid inverter, BMS and controls system together. Don’t need any installation for product itself. Save labor cost.
●We adopt advanced Lithium battery cell from top 1 brand supplier CATL, and hybrid inverter is from well-known Goodwe, Premium quality.
●The design of this product is quite compact, the thickness is only 21.2mm, save installation space and transportation cost.
●Digital intelligent control system can manage energy consumption and generation real-time through App/Web.
●Safety and Global Grid certificates available like as: IEC62619, IEC61000, IEC62109, IEC63056, EN50549…
●10 years warranty for battery, and 5 years for inverter.
●Very aesthetic appearance design.
●Solar PV, Load , Grid and BESS form a Energy Management System. They can seamless switch under different needs
●They can seamless switch under different needs.

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