The LSHE RPI-B 3.6-5kW/RPI-B 8-12kW series is designed for households use to stock the electricity, with single phase hybrid inverter integrated. It adopts high-performance lithium iron phosphate battery, with usage capacity expanded up to 28.8 kWh.


Product Description

Introducing the LSHE RPI-B Series: Enhancing Home Energy Storage
LSHE is proud to introduce the latest innovation in home energy storage solutions: the RPI-B Series. Designed for homes looking to store electricity for optimal use, the RPI-B series features a hybrid inverter integrated with high-performance lithium iron phosphate batteries. This all-in-one integrated design includes the battery, battery management system (BMS), hybrid inverter and control, making it highly compatible and easy to use.
One of the standout features of the RPI-B Series is its expanded usage capacity, providing households with up to 28.8 kWh of energy storage. With expanded capacity, homeowners can enjoy reliable backup power and energy independence, ensuring they always have access to power when they need it most.
The RPI-B series also boasts many advanced features, making it a top choice for families. Battery expandability allows for increased storage without any cascading effects, while the hybrid inverter’s simple paralleling capability simplifies installation. This means homeowners can easily expand their energy storage systems as demand grows without the need for complex installations.
In addition to providing convenience and flexibility, the RPI-B Series also brings high profits to the home. Integrated hybrid inverters enable efficient power usage, especially during light loads at night, resulting in higher profitability for homeowners. In addition, the system supports 200% photovoltaic input, 200% backup overload capacity, and 150% three-phase unbalanced output to ensure reliable and consistent power supply.
For added peace of mind, the RPI-B Series is built with high-quality batteries and comes with a 10-year warranty, ensuring long-term performance and reliability. This commitment to quality and durability ensures homeowners can invest in the RPI-B Series with confidence knowing their energy storage system will provide reliable power for years to come.
In order to further enhance the user experience, the RPI-B series is equipped with an intelligent management system that supports LSHE APP/Web for convenient monitoring and control. With this system, homeowners can easily track their energy usage, monitor system performance, and make adjustments as needed, all from their mobile device or computer.
All in all, the LSHE RPI-B Series is a game-changing solution for homes looking to store electricity efficiently and reliably. With its one-piece integrated design, expanded usage capacity, advanced features, and smart management system, the RPI-B Series provides homeowners with superior energy storage solutions that bring high profitability and peace of mind. Take the next step toward energy independence and explore the possibilities with the LSHE RPI-B Series today.

We offer the most advanced products with superior performance and reliability to customers.

●This product has achieved global certificates, no matter where the customers are.
●The battery performance warranty is 10 years, and the battery capacity is not less than 80% within 10 years;Inverter of product warranty is 5 years.
●All-in-one system with modular design realizes superior performance. 200% PV input, Lower solar storage system cost, more PV, more generation
●Seamless energy switchover .Uninterrupted Power Supply, Typical transfer time < 10ms.
●Installation friendly, convenient service
●Power light loads during the night, higher efficiency, and higher profits.
●IP65 Protection Level, can install Indoor and outdoor application, high protection, high reliability
●Easy Expansion, Battery expansion without Cask Effect, Inverter: easy parallel.
●Intelligent control system can monitor energy status at real time through App or web.
●Remove the faulty battery module automatically and the other battery modules continue to work normally.
●Replace the spare battery module without SOC Calibration, Add more battery when capacity is not enough.
●Increase round trip efficiency from 80% to 90%, Saving energy, getting more profits
●Each battery module with transfer control box function, don’t need addition control box.
●Single-Three phase option, Low Startup Battery Capacity, three phase can combine with one battery pack. No battery mismatch issues.
●Capable of max.3 sets in Parallel up to 90kW.

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