Support solar panel, grid and load four-port interface.
Can be integrated with on-grid and off-grid switching function.
Easy capacity expansion and installation.
Full power output in the off-grid state.
Strong output capability and good load adaptability.


Product Description

Introducing the LSHE 10kW three-phase hybrid inverter, specially designed for homes and small industrial and commercial projects to increase energy independence. This innovative inverter has multiple protection functions and is reliable, safe, intelligent and stable. In addition, the protection level has been upgraded to IP65 to ensure higher environmental adaptability.
This hybrid inverter is ideal for those looking to increase their energy independence, whether at home or in a small commercial or industrial setting. Its switching time of less than 10ms supports uninterrupted intelligent switching between grid-connected and off-grid modes, providing seamless energy management. It also has the ability to support photovoltaics, batteries, diesel generators and loads simultaneously, demonstrating its strong adaptability to different energy sources.
When a power outage occurs, LSHE inverters can act as emergency power sources (EPS) for critical loads, providing peace of mind and safety during unexpected power outages. Additionally, the inverter offers contact-free operation via an intuitive mobile app and WIFI connectivity for convenient and effortless control.
The LSHE 10kW inverter features a one-piece design, making it ultra-light and easy to install. Its compact, stylish appearance complements its rugged construction, ensuring long-lasting, reliable performance. Additionally, it is suitable for harsh conditions such as high altitudes and extreme temperatures, making it a versatile and resilient option for a variety of environments.
With its advanced features and reliable performance, the LSHE 10kW three-phase hybrid inverter is the ideal solution for those looking to increase energy independence and seamlessly manage power. From seamless on-grid/off-grid switching to a robust design for harsh conditions, this inverter delivers unparalleled reliability and intelligence, setting new standards for energy management in homes as well as small commercial and industrial projects.


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